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Welcome to AIBlock

AIBlock is a layer 1 blockchain that provides builders with a quick, easy, and low risk way to build decentralized applications. It's designed to let you build without tricky, risky smart contracts, and without the need to learn a new programming language. Use our low code solutions to get creating, issuing and making asset trades in seconds.

Developer DocumentationDeveloper Documentation

Key Advantages of AIBlock

No Smart Contracts Required

Mint, create, pay and trade without any smart contracts at all. No complicated contracting languages, no hours spent debugging, no worries

API for Everything

Implementing dApps via API routes makes everything quicker and easier, no matter what language you're coming from

Quick Settlement

High speed settlement and deterministic block times mean you get transactions through faster and cheaper

Get Started

You can start building and using the AIBlock tooling by exploring the documentation and API

Developer DocumentationDeveloper Documentation